Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Golden Opportunity

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Here is your chance to give a "golden egg" to a deserving, strong-spirited lady in our community, and it won't cost you a thing but a few minutes of your time to read her story and vote for her in the Intuit Small Business Grant contest. Taphne Taylor is the current owner of the Davis-Bourne Inn Bed and Breakfast in Independence. The Inn is rich in history, ambience, and holds a particularly fond place in our hearts. You can read all about it on their website: THE DAVIS BOURNE INN

But, back to Taphne and the contest. Like many small businesses these days, Taphne is struggling to hold her head above water and keep the place open against overwhelming adversity, and she is doing it with an unsinkable, optimistic spirit and pluck. Winning this grant would most certainly turn the tide for her, and quite frankly, right now she needs a miracle. Will you help make that happen for her? Will you take a minute to read her story and vote for her? Perhaps, you, too, will find inspiration in her story and the lovely, encouraging comments posted about her. VOTE FOR TAPHNE! The first phase of the contest ends on April 24, so please vote today. And if you live anywhere within spittin' distance, do yourself a favor and have a fabulous meal, or luxurious weekend there.

Following are some comments about Taphne's story:

"I watched Taphne stand back up after the rug was jerked out from under her, dust herself off and rebuild her own set of dreams. Her determination to accomplish her goals is astounding. She has continued to work for the development of her community as well as her own business."

"Your determination, your commitment to your local community and local foods have made you a beacon in your beautiful rural community. I feel like I'm coming home when I walk in the door of your B&B for another gourmet meal."

"The Inn has become a centerpiece of the community. Local produce and meats are used to prepare wonderful meals for the guests and locals who love to dine at the Inn on special occasions. My stays at the Inn have been peaceful when I go alone, exciting when special events are planned and inspiring to see what good taste and hard work can bring to a rural mountain community. What a beautiful Inn and what a beautiful lady."

And my contribution: "The Davis-Bourne Inn is a venerable grand old lady here in bucolic Southwest Virginia, and now she is fortunate, indeed, to have a courageous, resilient, creative, positive, vibrant, tenacious, visionary lady boldly leading her forward through perilous times. What a match made in Heaven! The Inn has always been an inspirational place for me, and even more-so now that I've had the unexpected pleasure of meeting the new owner (and I hope, new friend.) Taphne, I'm rooting for you!"

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