Wednesday, April 08, 2009

And the List Goes On . . .

And on . . . and on . . .
  1. Finish Yvonne's (beefed up and improved) slide show.
  2. Finish Corey's pictures, burn to DVD and mail.
  3. Order her cards.
  4. Finish uploading Agape's pictures to order.
  5. Edit Sammy's Senior shoot.
  6. TAXES!!!!
  7. Write article for Rejoice Concert publicity and get out to all area newspapers.
  8. Find all of Briana's movies and copy to a portable hard drive.
  9. Make and upload posters for Rejoice concert at Dawn's church.
  10. E-mail lots of stuff to the JoyBells.
  11. Call Salemtowne.
  12. Order more shirts.
  13. Think of something deep, inspiring, salient, or funny to post on my blog.
  14. And, sometime, in the midst of all this, (and not last in the order of things!) take time to get centered and really connect with the whole experience and true significance of Easter and Holy Week.
And that is all on top of stuff on my calendar:
  • Work out tomorrow and set up bells for Thursday's performance.
  • JoyBells performance on Thursday at the Holy Week service.
  • Teach all my regular handbell classes on Thursday.
  • Hike with Pat on Friday morning.
  • Engagement shoot with Heather and Jason on Friday afternoon.
  • Help with setting up the Easter morning fund-raiser breakfast at church on Saturday morning.
  • Cook something to take to said breakfast.
  • Heather and Jason's engagement party in Pulaski on Saturday afternoon.
  • Contra Dancing in Floyd on Saturday night: YIPPEE!!!!!
  • Help serve at said Easter breakfast on Sunday morning.
  • Special Olympics track practice Sunday afternoon.
My one little breather this week: I don't have to direct a handbell rehearsal in Hillsville tomorrow.

Is it any wonder that I need some COFFEE, PLEASE????
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