Sunday, April 05, 2009

Designed By Amy

This post is lovingly lifted from Amy's blog.
How awesome is this!! Amy designed a beach house for me. Click on the drawings to see them enlarged. I Love, Love Love it, and I Love, Love, Love you!
I just completed a drafting class where my final project was to design a house based on a concept. The inspiration I chose was the pattern that water leaves in the sand in a tidal pool.
I designed the house for my mom to be built in the Outer Banks of North Carolina - a favorite location for both of us. The picture below (not taken by me) is one I used as a reference for the house shape:

Here is the floor plan. The house is 2 levels, with the second level overlooking the first level - loft style. The main living area is an open floor plan with a wall of windows on the East side looking out to the ocean. There is a double sided fireplace that serves the dining and living areas, and it has waterfalls pouring down the 2 sides that don't have openings for the fire. There are 2 bedrooms, each with its own bathroom. The bathrooms both have entrances from the outside so that guests returning from the beach can enter directly from the deck. There is a small office off of the kitchen. It has no windows so that the light can be controlled for editing photographs (my Mom is a photographer). My mom loves to have people over, so I included a large dining table and extra seating at the kitchen island. The second level is the master suite. It has 2 sundecks, a walk-in closet, and a large custom bath.

This is the lighting plan for the house. I included lots of recessed lighting for overall fill. In the kitchen there are wall-mounted sconces and pendant lights over the island. Two chandeliers hang over the dining table, and cable lighting hangs over the living room. Upstairs there is a chandelier in the water closet and over the bath.

On the left are elevation drawings depicting the North and East sides of the home. On the right are section drawings - as if we sliced open the home to look at it.

Here is a detail image of the N-S section. I designed a custom chandelier that is shaped like coral, and clear glass pendant lights and sconces that are shaped like nautilus shells. The fireplace is stacked stone.

This next view is an axonometric projection. It is a sort of 3 dimensional rendering (all based on measurements to scale) and probably gives the best "feel" for the house. The second floor has been lifted up some to show more of the first floor - the dashed lines show where it connects.

Detail of the 2nd floor:

Detail of the fireplace and living room:

This project was a ton of work - but in the end it was very satisfying. It was exciting to see my ideas come together into a plan.

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