Sunday, June 17, 2007

Tea Time

Tea Party Jigsaw PuzzleTea Party Jigsaw Puzzle

Today is our wedding anniversary (#34) and David's birthday. We have a cherished tradition of celebrating with Ken and Kay since our anniversaries fall on the same week. This year, Kay planned a mystery trip for us to Salem. We relaxed a short time at a lovely little duck pond park, then went to the Petticoats and Petit Fours Tea Room for dinner. We had a delicious meal, a delightful hostess, and a completely charming experience. Now I want to take all my little girl friends up there for a tea party. This place was the motherload of stuff that little girls dream of!

Here's a few pics. Click here for more.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, isn't Happy Ever After a wonderful thing!
What a wonderful world.
Paula in Fredericksburg

Anonymous said...

Loved the photos and puzzle from today. We lived in the Roanoke area and I worked for Brand, Edmonds, Packett Adv. Agency there. It was housed in the same building as Stuart Maguire back then. That's in the mid 70's. My son was born in Salem. Brings back lots of memories. Thanks Jean