Thursday, July 19, 2007

Amy's trip to Wyoming, Part III

One of the highlights of our trip to Wyoming was visiting Yellowstone National Park for a day. It was a 3 hour drive to get there from where we were staying, but the scenery was beautiful along the way. We went hiking in the canyon surrounding the Yellowstone River. Here is Johnny looking down at the river - notice that the stone actually IS yellow:

I didn't know that we would be seeing any waterfalls, so imagine how amazed and surprised I was to come around the corner and see THIS:

Wow! We walked down to a viewing station (well, we thought we were continuing on the trail and then the trail ended at this wooden platform and we realized that we had to walk all the way back up from where we had come). This is looking back up the stairs from down in the Canyon:

Another nice shot of the river:

We finally made it to the falls overlook area, and right after we arrived the sun literally broke through the clouds and formed a rainbow in the falls - it was totally amazing! Here's Johnny "hanging out":

And here's me:

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Anonymous said...

Good morning!
What a fine job of filling in!
Isn't this planet earth amazing.
You are so right about enjoying the large vistas as well as the flowers at your feet.
I love the note about your anticipation on the stairs thinking you are traveling the trail, if you had a map that may have been one photo not taken and I love it.
Thank you for sharing your adventure with rainbows.
Paula in Fredericksburg