Monday, July 30, 2007

Blabbering from Blacksburg

Flower Children Jigsaw PuzzleFlower Children Jigsaw Puzzle
Meet Corey and Jakob, this week's guests at Camp McPherson, and two of my very most favorite people in the whole wide world. We discoverd this hibiscus growing in a yard in Blacksburg today. Isn't it just amazing!

Now for the Chicos story: (Click here to read the beginning of the Chicos story.)

I had the opportunity on Sunday morning to take a stroll through downtown Blacksburg in search of a cup of coffee. While standing outside the coffee shop, reading a poster deploring the proposed "Big Box" Walmart shopping complex in the Burg, I noticed that one of the retail spaces was designated for a Chicos store. Now, I'm feeling uber-stylish standing there in my Chicos gauchos when I overhear this conversation taking place between two young ladies:

"What's a Chicos store?"
"Oh, that's a store where old women like my mother shop. I don't see how they will ever have enough business in this town to survive!"

Well, that's the report from this now humbled gal, who is teetering on the brink of senior citizenship.


Anonymous said...

Good Morning,
Like my sweet Mother in law said, as well as many others...
"You don't grow old
and stop dancing,
you stop dancing
and grow old"
Dance on you beautiful woman!
The lesson here is in this walk of life we must all choose words wisely. One never knows who is listening and how even a seemingly innocent random remark can hurt someone else.
I also love Goodwill, yes, I've found Chico even there.
Loved the Chico slide show!
Adventure on,
Paula in Fredericksburg

Monika said...

You guys are beautiful!!!! ...and how do I love those flowers!!

Monika said...

That is so not true! :-) Chico's is a fabulous store for the trendsetters....YOUNG and experienced!!! They have great clothes that are not only beautiful but of great quality! No am not a secret Chico's sales rep. hahahahahha just a person that enjoys beautiful clothes and style

C McPherson said...

Paula, I am taking your philosophy to heart.
Monika, yest they are beautiful, inside and out!
Danger!!!! A new Chicos catalog arrived in the mail this week with tempting coupons in it.