Friday, July 06, 2007

Coming and Going

Gerberas Jigsaw PuzzleGerberas Jigsaw Puzzle
I've got some good stuff coming (just not tonight!): a guest blogger, Briana has written a poem about ringing "Now the Green Blade Riseth" and a story about our Mt. Rogers hike last year. Last night, I finally finished editing those pictures and will make a slideshow that will actually look a whole lot like the one from this year: same place, and a mostly the same players, but it's pretty, nevertheless. Oh, and there's some snappies from our fun Thursday today at Crooked Creek, but I haven't even taken the cards out of the cameras yet, because the perfect son just arrived home and tomorrow, my first little bird flies away again, which is, in a round about way, the inspiration for your puzzle. These flowers are in the guest room at Uncle Jimmy's where Amber will be laying over tomorrow night on her journey up north.

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Monika said...

Hi Charlotte:
Gerberas are my favorite flowers, among tulips, and Lilly of the Valley :-) Beautiful picture!! Please say Hi to Amber and that I am thinking about her...