Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Math is Not my Strong Suit

I had to drive the party wagon all last week. I did NOT want to drive it on the trip to Greenville this week. Then Carrie asked if she could go with me. A hasty calculation: Corey, Jakob, Agape, and me plus Carrie = 5. Yes! I can drive my comfy car!!! It wasn't until about bedime last night that it dawned on me: I forgot to add into the calculation the young man that we were picking up in Kernersville on the way home. EEEKS! Thankfully, the kids were good-natured about the sardine experiment (how many people can you cram into a VW bug is WAAAAAAAY before their time!) and we arrived safely at "Camp McPherson" ready for all the good times that lie ahead.
The results of bored kids and a snappy camera:

Thanks go out to the Bennetts for providing clues to a letterbox that led us to the discovery of a lovely park in Raleigh, Durant Nature Park.

Not to be forgotten, a (completely random) puzzle for today:
Little Sunshines Jigsaw PuzzleLittle Sunshines Jigsaw Puzzle

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