Friday, July 20, 2007

I'm Back!

. . . But too tired to tell all tonight! The music camp was fantastic, as usual; the kids wore themselves out and down until they were dropping like flies by Thursday. They didn't want to whine too much about being sick because they still didn't want to miss anything.
Here is a puzzle from the items on display in the "Travelocity" class:
Travelocity Jigsaw PuzzleTravelocity Jigsaw Puzzle

I'll post up a few pictures soon, but if you want to see them all, I have 2 slideshows online already!! (One unexpected benefit of not having internet access all week; I actually get more work done!)
Eagle Eyrie 2007 Summer Music Camp
JoyBell Ringers Live at Eagle Eyrie
We had a bonus day to do something fun on our own on Monday since classes don't begin until the evening. We took a hike on the Blue Ridge Parkway to find a letter box, and then picnicked at Peaks of Otter, which is a significant place in my memory: it was there that I experienced morning sickness for the first time ever. This was the best letterbox that I have found so far. The last clue said to turn around and look for the one-eyed toad rock. See if you can find it in the pictures! One of the log entries was "Timothy proposed to Lyndsey on this day at this spot." So sweet! I had some help documenting the hike.

And now for some news from Agape: She was attending Camp Virginia Jaycees while we were at Eagle Eyrie. She was given recognition there for being the "Best Photographer!! hmmmm . . . . I wonder where she got that from?!

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