Saturday, July 14, 2007

Ocean Reef

ocean reef Jigsaw Puzzleocean reef Jigsaw Puzzle
Another colorful scene from the Georgia Aquarium.

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Anonymous said...

Good morning!
What adventures are you on today, I can hardly wait!
Your link to Jigzone brought you into my life. Thank you.
Your photgraphy is magic.
Your life adventures are inspiring, I have recenlty lost many, many pounds and you motivate me to adventures to "Move it, Move it".
Your puzzles were brought up often in conversation and my husband, Gary, has a few and is linked with Jigzone today as featured site.
As you are a teacher and artist you may be interested in his
Haiku Poets Hut, have fun with the puzzles and note that on his photo index page is a haiku and photo of Cypress Gardens, Charleston. On Gary's Haiga index you will find a mermaid. Your adventures at Grayson Highlands remind me of another Grayson, a little book I discovered last year written by Lynne Cox about her experience in the Pacific off the shore of Seal Beach, Ca. I grew up in Seal Beach and I would very much like to mail you a copy, as you have inspired us.