Saturday, July 14, 2007

Helping Hands

Lift Him Up Jigsaw PuzzleLift Him Up Jigsaw Puzzle

Paula was wondering what adventure I had today. Well, today, we gave our hands and feet in service at the Roanoke Rescue Mission, and what an inspiring time it was!! I've never been to a homeless shelter mission before, so wasn't sure what to expect, but what I saw and experienced today was definately not at all in my imagination. This place was gleaming, sparkling, clean, spacious, sophisticated, inviting, serene, full of hope and joy. It's the largest homeless shelter in the state with facilities for men, women, families, and a recovery program. The most astounding thing to me was discovering that the place is filled with REAL ORIGINAL ART!!! I lagged behind the whole way on the tour trying to drink it all in. Such a feast for the senses! And how wonderful that it is so generously shared with these dear souls who have nothing. What vision and insight the founders and leaders have for going beyond meeting the basic needs of food, clothing, shelter, and spiritual guidance, to recognizing the value and impact that beauty and art have on the soul of mankind.

Agape was so excited to go to the rescue mission and was already asking when she would get to go back before we had even pulled away from the parking lot. There are so many simple tasks to be done there that are perfectly suited to her. Today she helped me package laundry soap, make-over beauty kits, and then she wrapped silverware in the kitchen.

Helen, the volunteer coordinator, made time to take me over to the mission's art store at Tanglewood Mall, called "Art on a Mission." (And she showed me the way to the newly opened Ukrop's store in Roanoke. Ukrop's is Nirvana for a foodie like me!!! )
SO, here are just a few snappies from today. I didn't take any of my cameras, not even the digicam. I knew that they would be distraction to me if I was spending the whole day shooting or thinking about all the shots I could be making. But trusty Agape can be counted on to always have her camera handy, so here are some of her shots:

This is the group from our church in the lobby with the wonderful sculture of the loaves and fishes (made in the pottery shop at the mission.)

The women and children's building:

The men's building and kitchen

(See!! I told this place was really nice!)

More Art! a sculpture tittled, "Joyful", in front of the women and children's home.

Tomorrow it will be another adventure. I'm off for a week of music camp at Eagle Eyrie with 14 kids. I'll be cut off from the cyber-world until I return, so don't go away! I'm hoping Amy will be making a guest appearance and sharing some shots from her trip to Wyoming and Yellowstone in my absence, so stay tuned!

OH! BTW, your puzzle picture was taken at music camp in 2005.

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