Wednesday, August 01, 2007

My Eventful Day Review

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Here is a scene from bygone days at the Whalehead Club in Corolla that has nothing at all to do with the events of my day.

We finally had a day sunny enough to make it worth the trip up to Claytor Lake, and worthy it was! A rough and tumble game of "King of the Tube" too close to the rocky shore resulted in Corey having to be stitched back together. And, WOW! did her bravery impress me! She didn't flinch or squall; unlike the baby Corey I remember being so tender and sensitive to the slightest little bump.

My friend, Karen, came by yesterday, and dropped off pictures of pitiful kids who want to be foreign exchange students in the US. Arrangements for them to be placed in homes in Northern Virginia fell through because the school system wouldn't accept them, so they are urgently seeking "adoption" before school starts next week. 2 phone calls later, and now we will be having a cute young fella from Switzerland moving in next week!

Here is a little story from the "Who'd a thunk it?" department. My daughter, Amy, has been having some serious pain in her heel off and on for the last couple of years, but more so here lately. This past weekend, The story of her dad's and Uncle's Vitamin B-12 deficiency came up in a conversation regarding one of her friends , but Amy decided to try some suppliments herself. Miraculously, after only two days, her heel pain has almost completely vanished!!

Last, but most certainly not least, I want to share some words of wisdom from Paula, a faithful visitor of Under the C., from Fredricksburg, VA. Her sage advice is buried in the comments of yesterday's Chicos story, but it was so inspirational that I wanted everyone to be sure to read it.
""You don't grow old
and stop dancing,
you stop dancing
and grow old."

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Anonymous said...

Opening your lives to a foreign student will be wonderful experience. My 6th Gr grandfather came from Glattfelden, Swizerland in the 1700's and settled in York area of Pa, because of the hills and meadows. The beautiful rolling land of you area should make him feel right at home. The full active life you lead will be a memorable experience for him.
I bet your busy rearranging shelves and closets!
In my senior year of high school (1968) friends had Columbian and Peruvian students living with them.Paulina and Maria were great friends.
Paula in Fredericksburg