Thursday, August 30, 2007

Show Me the Love

And I will show you Chris an Christina! But first, here's your puzzle:

Have a Seat Jigsaw PuzzleHave a Seat Jigsaw Puzzle

Chris and Christina met when they were kids at the Carrollwood Skating Rink owned by Chris' parents. Tonight I shot their engagement pictures there and it was so much fun to reminisce with them. They share a very tender love and were so affectionate that I didn't want to stop shooting. Chris has aced this romance thing. He took her all the way to Ireland to propose! Thanks for sharing the love with me tonight and I am looking forward to your Love Feast
. . . er . . . wedding in October!

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kaytie3 said...

Beautiful ring. Great pictures, and such a loving couple. We wish them lots of happiness in their future. Kay