Saturday, August 04, 2007

Welcome, Jigzone Fans!

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Paula, you were the first to give me a clue that something was up Under the C. today, but I didn't get it until I happened to check the sitemeter and saw that my blog has gone hog-wild! So, welcome to all you Jigzone fans. I hope you enjoy your visit Under the C. and will continue to come back. I try to post a new puzzle every day for your amusement. Click on the "puzzle of the day" category to find all of the puzzles. Feel free to write a comment and introduce yourself. I love meeting new friends all around the world.

Thanks for dropping in!


Cindy said...

I love your pictures. I just happened to find your site because of your cactus flower puzzle was the puzzle for Jigzone today. I clicked on your name and found more puzzles. The pictures are so bright and cheery. I'm Cindy from Oregon. A recent transplant from New York state.

Snouck van Loosenpark said...


I'm a great jigzone fan, and I make your puzzle every day. Thanx for your beautiful pictures!
Greetings from Joke B., Enkhuizen, the Netherlands

Tina said...

I greatly enjoy your site. I love the pictures you put into puzzles. I find it very relaxing to visit Under the C every day, put the puzzles together and read your daily posts. I want to visit the places you show and talk about someday. Thank you for all that you do. God Bless and peace to you and yours always.

Sheila said...

Charlotte I am so pleased to be subscribed to Under the C! What a great site, and what wonderful things you are doing with all the kids.
Your photography is just beautiful - I do the Jigzone every day, and now I'll be sure to look for your puzzles too.
Thank you for being there. Sheila.

Amy Renzulli said...

My Mom is a jigzone celebrity! How cool! And how funny that I learned you were getting a foreign exchange student by reading your blog.


Mary said...

Love your inspirational comments, pictures and puzzles. Especially enjoy the bell ringers. A neat group! God Bless! Mary

Paula said...

What an honor to click on Under the C and see my name in your puzzle!
PS I just learned my first HTML!
Joy to you,
Paula in Fredericksburg

C McPherson said...

Thank you all so much for writing!
The jigzone link is somewhat of a mystery. That cactus flower puzzle is not one of my pictures, but it had my link under it, and it brought over 2000 new visitors to my site. How cool is that!! I hope to visit Oregon someday. If I do, you will certainly see the photos here.
I am so honored to have you as a regular visitor. If I ever get to come to the Netherlands, I will have to look you up. My daughter, Amber (the Baroque violinist) will be auditioning with a teacher in Brussels in September. That's not so far from you.
I am delighted to know that I bring enjoyment and relaxation to your days. The welcome mat is out at my house if you ever do get the chance to come this way. I would love to personally introduce you to the places near and dear to me.
Thank you for subscribing. I am honored to have you as a guest and hope that you will find something here to brighten your days.
Dear, sweet, Amy Sunshine-
surprise! surprise! surprise!, but I 'm sure it's not a big surprise to you, though. the story developed rather suddenly and rapidly in the background. If all goes well, Andrey will be arriving next weekend. You know that I have to clean house sometime this week, as well as fulfill promises to go to R and J Ranch, Carowinds, return Corey and Jakob to their mom, and photograph a party for my sister next weekend.
You love my bellringers; you win my heart! God bless you, too.
We really have got to quit meeting this way, and have a real face to face! Fredricksburg is not that far away. This isn't your first appearance Under the Sea, you know? You're a step ahead of me if you learned some HTML. I just copy and paste what I need.