Friday, August 24, 2007

Picture Time Tonight!

Night Rider Jigsaw PuzzleNight Rider Jigsaw Puzzle

I spent last week playing with my sister (and a wide assortment of other friends). She astounded me by keeping up the pace; a challenging feat for the healthy body, but even more so for a battered cancer survivor! Congratulations, Janet, and here is a slideshow of all the happy memories.

Just in case one slideshow isn't enough, here is another one of Rebeca and Josh's wedding. Congratulations, to you, as well, and happy ever after!!


Paula said...

Janet and I as cancer survivors are in quite a club. We share our story to give hope to others going through treatment and to those not yet facing cancer. We do recover!
And WOW do we ever!
Does the world look different?
More beautiful.The great song What A Wonderful World brings tears to my eyes.
Paula in Fredericksburg VA

Anonymous said...

Beautiful wedding pictures. How refreshing to see a bride with her veil covering her face!! Don't see that in Iowa too much these days. Beautiful couple, and what an adorable flower girl!! Loved the puzzle of her. Mary