Saturday, August 04, 2007

One of Life's Curve Balls

Rhododendron Jigsaw PuzzleRhododendron Jigsaw Puzzle
Tonight I was planning to put up some pictures from the Special Olympics team picnic at Brittany's grandpa's new park. I know I got some great shots of the fishing, games, and hayride, but I haven't even downloaded the cards yet. Instead, I spent a frightful evening on an ambulance ride to the ER (from WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY out in the sticks!) with Agape's new friend, Melissa, whom she met at camp this summer. While on the hayride. Melissa told me she didn't feel well, then she said, "I feel like I'm going to have a seizure", and then she did! Thankfully, she improved after we arrived in the ER, her mother found a ride to the hospital, Barbara gave me a ride home, and Toni and Arlie drove my van full of kids home for me. And a huge thanks and loud cheers for our coach, Vickey, who is so level-headed and compassionate, and the kids who were on the ride with us for staying so calm and respectful.


Anonymous said...

First off Congratulations on another posting on Jigzone, your puzzles and artful photos are great.
A day in your life does not go by with an adventure of some sort. The comment of the children being respectful gives Hope to our future on planet earth.
Paula in Fredericksburg

Monika said... are such a Blessing! I am so happy to hear that she was just fine when you arrived at the ER. ...and yes I am proud of all the kids that kept their cool......what a relief!!!!

Thank you Charlotte for all that you do!!