Thursday, August 09, 2007

Reporting Live from Charlotte, NC

coneflowers Jigsaw Puzzleconeflowers Jigsaw Puzzle
I am melting in Charlotte tonight. It's still 89 degrees at midnight!! We celebrated Corey's upcoming Sweet Sixteeth birthday at the Bucca di Beppo, AKA, the Birthday Party Restaurant and are sleeping at the Birthday Party Hotel, as well. These places will forever be memorialized as the Birthday places in Agape's world because I had my birthday party there and now Corey has, too. But what a contrast to the night of my birthday party when it was sleeting and snowing!
Tomorrow, we fry!! Anybody want to take wagers on who will be the first to drop in the 102 degree heat at Carowinds??


Paula said...

Prepare yourself for the heat.
As an active person I know you do, keep a wet cloth on the back of your neck, they also have cool neck wraps if you have one. Water, alot of water. Ride a coaster for me, Happy Birthday Agape! Last night here in Fredericksburg, VA I was laying in the bed very comfortable at 78 degrees, we use a top sheet and bottom sheet in the summer, I stretched and remembered the summer of '82 had us temporarily at my brothers house in Houston TX. The AC was not working. It was HOT, like this, sleeping was so difficult, fans and cool cloths helped. I think of all the people that do not have an AC to rely on and offer them my cool thoughts.
Again, stay cool,
Paula in Fredericksburg

Monika said...

Lalalalalala ....the Heat is on...on the street...Lalalalalala
Who needs a stove when you can fry eggs on the pavement!
I pray that you were all safe, that you had lots of fun, and that everyone is refreshed today :-)