Monday, August 06, 2007

Roses are Red

Roses Jigsaw PuzzleRoses Jigsaw Puzzle

There's not been anything exciting in the landscape around the ancestral mansion lately, except this rose bush that was planted 2 years ago. It was frozen to within a milimeter of its death last April (all the leaves and buds turned black and fell off!) but it came back like a phoenix in June.


sandyg said...

Quite some time ago, I discovered this site by way of JigZone, as so many seem to have in the past few days. I came to play with the jigsaw puzzles, and still do....what lovely pictures to work with!...but now I also come to see what the family is up to, what hiking trip or bell-ringing concert or summer vacation is happening. I have come to feel that you and your family are friends I enjoy meeting here. And I thank you for the happy moments spent here.

Paula said...

A photographers eye can capture the beauty of a flower when it glows with a light from within.
Even on the hottest day a flower on the cheek will be cool.
Stay cool,
Paula in Fredericksburg

Monika said...

What stunning pictures. I am amazed how beautiful our Earth and nature is.....Thank you for capturing our beauty in such a magnificent way.