Sunday, August 12, 2007

McPherson Road

ALRRRRRIGHT!!! Cool, geeky brother in law solved my internet woes for me this morning, so here is the picture I wanted to share. I found McPherson Road in Elizabeth City, NC yesterday, and I have to wonder, is it a "sign?"
We are at a crossroads for making a decision about what to do with Grandmommy's beloved farm in Elizabeth City. Her deceased brother's family want to sell and get their money; David's family is (true to nature) undecided. None of us want to actually spend money to buy them out. One of us has emotional attachments to the memories there; and one of us thinks that we can make an investment of it by developing it.
We will be gathering at the farm on August 31 to place mother's ashes on her parents grave, so a decision will be wrenched from the herd by then (I would think!)

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