Monday, August 13, 2007

A Day in the Homeland

Sunset Ride Jigsaw PuzzleSunset Ride Jigsaw Puzzle
Home at last! As much as I love my mountain home now, the Chesapeake Bay will always be home to me. These are the beaches that spawned and nourished my love affair with the sea. This was shot at Seashore State Park tonight (in spite of the state renaming the park "First Landing," it will always be Seashore State Park in my book!) where I did an impromptu portrait session with Cindy and her son, Chris. Chris surprised his mom for her 60th birthday this morning while we were having brunch at the Virginia Beach Conference Center. Don't get me started on the legendary brunch they serve . . . did I mention the seared Ahi Tuna cooked to order? Or how about the doughnut maker: it's Krispie Kreme on a personal scale. Or the Bananas Foster (of course, made to order) with homemade ice cream? Shrimp amd oysters on the half shell, and the omelet station, and waffle station, and carving station, and the chocolate fountain, oh, and that tuna!!! OH, help! I'm talking about food and I can't stop!!

Goodness! Back to Cindy and Chris now. Cindy asked if I would mind doing a portrait of her and Chris since she hasn't had one made since he was a teen, and I was happy to oblige her on the condition that we do it on the beach at sunset. Thanks, you two, for stepping out of your comfort zone to share a little family love, and for holding the cameras for the mermaid so I could wet my gills!

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Midlife Virgin said...

Such great pictures. Chris is one of my cherished friends and I'm so glad you got a chance to take these gorgeous portraits. I also really love your other photographs, they are truly glorious.