Friday, August 17, 2007

What a Week!

Fresh Picked Jigsaw PuzzleFresh Picked Jigsaw Puzzle

How many ways can I say EXHAUSTION??
Monday: Drive home from Virginia Beach.
Tuesday: Swimming and Jetskiing at Byllsby.
Wednesday: Hiking and swimming at Hanging Rock.
Thursday: Tubing and Swimming at Pa-Pa's.
Friday: Drive to Bedford, Pick up Agape. Meet Kay for lunch in Radford. Take my sister and kids horseback riding in Ennice. Got to pizza party with exchange students.
And the most amazing thing of all is that my sister, the cancer survivor, has kept up this pace all week!!

Here's some great news: two of my 4H photo class students are winners in the the North Carolina 4H Photo Contest!!!! Congratulations to Katie and Jackie Galyean. You can see their winning entries at these links:

4H People and Places Junior Division Winners

4H in Action Junior Division Winners

1 comment:

Paula said...

You know how to pack more in 1 week than I have packed in the whole summer. Friends and family and now the exchange students, I can hardly wait until the exchange student story unfolds.
I am sitting here doing the tomato puzzle knowing those taste more alive and sweet with nuances of flavor we can never find from the grocery store and thinking what other foods have morphed in commercial production that we willingly purchase and eat.
I think I'm on the hunt for more pure food.
Thank you for the adventure of summer and to get me thinking about what we eat.
Paula in Fredericksburg