Saturday, August 11, 2007

Any Report of My Demise is False

Borg Jigsaw PuzzleBorg Jigsaw Puzzle
I'll bet you all thought that I had succumbed! Despite sweating to within a degree of a molten state, I was, instead, assimilated. Yes! I rode that Borg! Lying on my back, upside down, head-first, but not until after the sun had gone down.
Tonight I am alive and well in air-conditioned comfort at Monika's (in stark contrast to the homeplace where it was 86 degrees inside when I left) where I will have to bid adieu to Corey and Jakob tomorrow morning and head to my sister's little celebration she is having in honor of her sister-in-law's retirement.

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David McPherson said...

I love you very much. Your blatant admirer for over 34 years.