Monday, August 20, 2007

A View from my World

River View Jigsaw PuzzleRiver View Jigsaw Puzzle

Tonight, I am so tired and cranky!! My house is full of people and It was 86 degrees inside at suppertime . . . and that was in the one "cooled" air-conditioned room!
I appreciate everyone's kind words and prayers for me today as I prepared for Mr. Higgin's funeral. My ringers are soooo amazing. We haven't been together for a rehearsal since May, and they absolutely nailed our selection for the service!

This has to be short tonight. I have to be up early tomorrow to take my sis to High Point to catch the train. Here is a shot I took with Agape's snappy camera last night on Claytor Lake. It's my absolute favorite time of day on the lake when the sun is setting and all the other boats have gone home.

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